Deadly Swamp
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Deadly Swamp    
Chapter 1
"Planning Things Out"

        On every other Saturday night, me and my friends all decide on what to do for the next weekend.  Right now, it is a Saturday night and I am gathering sodas for me and my thirsty friends.  Me and my friends are kind of gutsy and do things other people would never do in a lifetime.

        I bring the sodas over and set them on the coffee table in the middle of my friends.  "Lets go kyaking on Dead Man's Peak," my best friend, Gloria brings up.  "No, we did that last year when Cindy and Rachel were alive... just to remember their fear twisted faces as they got washed down the river as I was trying to get to them is not something I want to remember or be reminded of ever again," my cousin, Candice says then starts to cry to herself while holding her face in her boyfriend, Jordan's jacket.

        "I've got it!" my twin brother, Dexter yells out as he walks into the room, waving papers in his hand.  "What now, Dexter?" I ask, annoyed.  He smirks then excitedly comes over to me and shows me the papers.  "Look Jill, it's perfect... people never return home alive... it's up in the mountains... they call it Death Creek," Dexter shows and explains to me.  "Ok, Dex we'll think about it," I say as I throw the papers to the floor.

        "Jillian!  Your brother's right, it is perfect!" Heidi yells out.  "You're saying that because he's your boyfriend!" I yell back.  "No I'm not!  It really does sound like a good idea," Heidi says.  "Alright, we'll take a vote... Dexter's not allowed to vote," I say, rolling my eyes.

        "Fine," Dexter says and steps back, watching the vote.  "Everyone for Death Creek," I say.  Every one of my friends raise their hand.  "Alright fine, it's agreed... Death Creek it is," I say gathering all the papers and plans.

        "Yes!" Dexter exclaims excitedly.

        I hold onto my papers and turn towards my brother, "what are you so happy about?  You're not going," I say with a smirk.  "Yes I am, it was my idea!" he yells at me.  "Yeah, allow him to go... if he doesn't, I won't," Heidi says, coming over and linking arms with my brother.

        I roll my eyes, "fine, you can go, but no monkey business."

        "No problem," Dexter says, excitedly.

Chapter 2
"The Ride"

        A week later, we pack the car up for our weekend get away.  "Alright all set," I say, closing the trunk after putting the last thing of luggage into it.

        "Alright well, I'm in the front," Gloria informs us all.  "Sorry but no... Nathan is," I correct her.

        Nathan Molenzo is my fiancé and by far to me, the sexiest man alive.

        Gloria pouts and gets into the car.  We all pack into the car, pull out and head out on the road.  "One hour in this hot, crampy van," Heidi complains.  "Are you going to be bitching the whole way?" Candice asks Heidi, annoyed.  "Oh my god, leave me alone!" Heidi yells at Candice.  Candice who is sitting behind Heidi leans over and slaps the back of Heidi's head.  "Oh you bitch!" Heidi screams as she takes her seatbelt off.  She turns around, leans over the back of the seat and punches Candice in the eye.  Candice then takes her seatbelt off, grabs Heidi by the hair and starts to pull.

        I find a rest stop nearby and pull into it.  I stop the car, get out, open the door to the back, grab Heidi, toss her out of the car, grab Candice and toss her out too.  I then shut the door angrily.  I turn around and look at my friend and cousin angrily.  "Why are you two acting so damn childish?!" I scream out, "we're all supposed to be friends here!  If you two don't smarten up then I will leave you here!"

        "sorry Jill, but she started it," Heidi says to me.  "Oh nuh uh, she did," Candice says.  They then start bickering over who started it.

        I roll my eyes, get in the car and start it.  I then drive out of the rest stop and drive towards the mountains, the next exit I take.  I turn around at it, go back to the next exit, turn around again and pull back into the same rest stop.  I get out, go over and find them wrestling on the ground.  I grab each of them by the hair and pull them to their feet.  "Look you two, I will leave again if you don't stop this and I won't come back!  It's either you make up, stay here and catch a cab or just don't talk to each other!" I yell at them.  I let their hair go.

        "Fine, we won't talk to each other," Candice says, walking over and getting into the car.

        "Fine with me," Heidi says, going over and getting into the car.

        The rest of the ride to the mountains was completely silent except for the music playing on the radio.

Chapter 3
"The Hike"

        We pull into a parking lot below the mountain.  We all grab our luggage and head up to the mountain, towards Death Creek.  Half way through the walk, Heidi comes over and walks with me.  "You know, Candice is such a ho," she starts, "I hate her so much, I can't stand her."  "She's my cousin, Heidi... I love her, I don't care what you think of her," I tell Heidi.  "Well, I think she should die," she says as we walk onto a low bridge that goes across a stream.  I stop in my tracks.  She sees and turns to me, "what?" she asks as I get fumed.  "Don't ever say that about Candice!" I scream as I push her into the stream.

        Dexter looks at me, shocked.  He walks over to me, "you're not nice!" he yells then goes over and helps his girlfriend out of the stream.

        Nathan and I walk hand in hand as the rest of the hike is silent.  We get to the site and set up camp.

Chapter 4
"Rude Girl"

        Once we finish, Candice, Nathan, Dexter, Heidi, and I all go for a walk in the woods.  All of a sudden, we stumble out of a bush and come upon a swamp.  Heidi all of a sudden starts to get angry for no reason.  "Dexter!  You suck!  Jillian!  You're a bitch!  And, Candice!  You should die!" Heidi screams out.  Dexter runs away crying, back to camp.  I get upset and run back to camp to comfort my brother.  Candice stays behind with Heidi.

        I sit and hug my brother and tell him how horrible Heidi was being to him.

        Meanwhile, over at the swamp, Candice glares evilly at Heidi.  "I should die huh?!" Candice yells out at Heidi.  "Yes!" Heidi screams back.  Candice then pushes Heidi into the swamp and runs back to camp.

Chapter 5
"The Search for Heidi"

        I begin to cook dinner as I look over to see my brother getting up and heading towards the woods.  "Where are you going, Dex?" I ask him.  "Just going to see where Heidi is," he replies then walks into the bushes.  "Alrighty then," I say to myself as I pay attention to my cooking.

        Meanwhile, Dexter goes back to the swamp, screaming and yelling Heidi's name.  He calls out her name at least ten to fifteen times then gives up and crouches on the shore of the swamp.  He starts washing his face with the water, then pauses when he sees a foot.  He follows with his eyes up the body to reveal the dead face of Heidi.  Dexter immediately breaks down in tears.  He then runs back to camp, goes into his tent and stays in there all night.

        The next day, I pound my hand against Dexter's tent.  "Dex!  I want to talk to you!  Wake up!" I yell to him.  He finally unzips the tent and steps out of it.  With everyone else asleep, we have privacy.  We sit on the log.  "What happened last night?" I ask him, concerned.  "Heidi... I found her... b-but she's laying dead in the swamp," he says, crying.  I pat his back then tell him, "I'll be back."

        I then venture over to the swamp.  Clear in the daytime, I can see all that's in the swamp.  And, all I see is nothing, just dirt and green mist.

Chapter 6

        That night, Gloria's boyfriend, Shane goes off with Candice to search for Heidi.  They venture on over to the swamp.  Something shiny catches Shane's eye.  "Where are you going?" Candice asks him as he starts to walk towards it.  "There's something shiny over there," Shane replies then starts walking over again.  Candice walks over and looks into the swamp.  "Heidi?" she questions out loud as she stares into dead Heidi's face.  Heidi's eyes then fly open and look straight at Candice.  Before Candice could scream, Heidi pulls Candice into the water.

        Shane, walking over to the shiny object leans down to reveal that this shiny object was just a white rock reflecting the moonlight.  "It's just a rock," Shane says, turning around.  He then drops the rock, eyes widen and his mouth drops open.

Chapter 7
"The Panic"

        While over at the camp site, I lay asleep.  I then awaken to utter and complete worry.  I get up, put my slippers on and venture out of the tent and over to the swamp.  I look around and all of a sudden, someone grabs me, putting their hand over my mouth as to not allow me to scream.

        Back at camp, Nathan awakens to an empty bedside.  He instantly panics.  He sits up, puts his shoes on and stumbles out of the tent.  "Jillian!" he yells out.  Nathan listens but no reply.  "Quit yelling!" Gloria and Candice's grumpy boyfriend, Jordan yells out.  "Jillian's missing!" Nathan screams at them.  Jordan and Gloria get out of their tents.  "Lets go look for her," Gloria says.

        They venture out to the swamp to reveal me, chained to a chair, sinking into the swamp, struggling to get free and gasping for air.

Chapter 8
"The Rescue"

        All of a sudden, three zombies raise out of the swamp and start walking towards Gloria, Jordan and Nathan.  "No you don't!" Jordan yells as he grabs a stick, jumps in front of Gloria and starts to swing.

        Nathan runs over, into the swamp and starts to free me from the chair.  As Nathan yanks and pulls with all his strength, Jordan keeps swinging at the zombies.

        As Nathan tugs and pulls, I begin to sink more.  My eyes widen in fear I can feel my face begin to submerge into the water.  I reluctantly take a deep breath as I know what is about to happen. But, then I feel the hands of zombies begin to pull on my legs as I begin to sink deeper.

        Nathan then begins going up to the surface, taking deep breaths and then going under the water, frantically trying to free me.  After many attempts at freeing me, Nathan looks at me to make sure I'm ok.  I begin to lose consciousness and then eventually just pass out.  Nathan then begins to tug even harder on the ropes holding me down onto this chair.

        Finally, after a little bit more force, Nathan finally frees me, he then grabs me and slings me over his shoulder as he quickly swims and then runs out of the water.  He, Gloria and Jordan then begin to run down the mountain towards the van, picking up Dexter from the camp along the way, everyone bolts it to the van, not worrying or caring about all the stuff we're leaving behind.

        Everyone gets into the van, closes and locks all the doors.  Immediately, Nathan begins CPR on me.  After a few rounds of it, I come back to consciousness and cough up water.

        We finally figure out a cozy way to sleep and do so.  The next day, we agree to never return.  And, with that leave and never look back.
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